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5.Counseling Service

Mental Health Care

The Counseling Center offers students a helping hand to discuss and reflect on a variety of problems encountered in everyday student life (such as academic issues, interpersonal relationships, psychological concerns, dilemmas and disputes). Please feel free to come and see us whenever you encounter problems.
Mental health consultations are also available by appointment at the Health Center.
If by any chance you get hospitalized, please be sure to inform the Office of International Students.

Location of Counseling Center

Imadegawa Campus
Level 1 North, Kanbaikan building

Kyotanabe Campus
South East Corner of 1st floor, Chishinkan Building 1

for more information about the Counceling Center, please see Counseling website .

“NO, Absolutely No!” to Drug abuse!

In Japan, drug possession and abuse are legally prohibited, and penalty against those drug users are severe.

What is Drug abuse?

The consequences of drug abuse include addiction and tolerance to drugs; not only do you become unable to control your use of the drug, it causes physical and mental damage. Trying one of the drugs which are banned or restricted by law just once constitutes drug abuse under Japanese laws. Don’t do drugs, ever. Drug abuse is “No, Absolutely No!”(Text sourced from the Ministry of Health web page on drug abuse policy.)
(参考 内閣府薬物乱用対策ホームページ)

Current situation of drugs surrounding college students in Japan

Drug contamination is becoming a huge social problem following continuous incidents and accidents of illegal drug possession and abuse by college students. Changes of Japanese laws and enhancement of countermeasure regarding “Dangerous drugs” have been working well, with substantial decrease of death cases likely caused by drug abuse, but several dangerous drugs still seem to be in circulation on the internet.The National Police Agency also announced that the number of arrestees for using Cannabis which was decreasing is on the increase again after 2014, and we need to watch the trend closely. In Japan, possession of Cannabis is illegal. Violations may be punished by up to five years’ imprisonment.

More information

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare information on preventing drug abuse(external website)
The Drug Abuse Prevention Center website(external website)