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1.National Health Insurance: Enrollment and Other Procedures

(1)Enrollment in National Health Insurance

National Health Insurance is a health insurance program that allows subscribers to seek medical care free from financial concerns. By paying prescribed insurance premiums, the amount of medical expenses charged at a medical institution will be reduced for treatment of illness and injury covered by the insurance. The reduction rate differs depending on the income of the previous year, but international students will be required to pay 30% of the actual medical expenses in most cases.

【How to apply】

Bring the following 【Documents required for enrolling in National Health Insurance】 (1) and (2) to the National Health Insurance Division of your local city/ward office to apply. National Health Insurance Card will be issued.

【Documents required for enrolling in National Health Insurance】

Residence Card
additional documents
  • If National Health Insurance Card was issued to the head of household, submit the insurance card.
  • If you have no certificate of residence, submit a document that certifies your activities in Japan and period of stay.
  • Additional documents might be required. Please check at the counter of your local city/ward office.


  • All international students residing in Japan for three months or longer and getting a certificate of residence are required to enroll in the program. Please be sure to enroll in this insurance program.
  • The National Health Insurance Card is an equally important identification document as passport. Be sure to keep it in a safe place so as not to lose it.
  • Lost insurance certificates should be reported to the police and city office or ward office immediately to avert the risk of improper use by a third person.
  • Health checkup, plastic surgery, orthodontics, lasik, normal delivery, traffic accident, and injury and illness incurred during work (including part-time work) are not covered by National health Insurance.
  • Foreign residents who are not enlisted in the basic Resident Registration may join the National Health Insurance by submitting a document that certifies their activities in Japan and period of stay of three months or longer if their status of residence is one of the following: Entertainer, Technical Intern Training, Dependent, Designated Activity, Official.

(2) Payment of National Health Insurance Premiums

The amount of National Health Insurance premiums is calculated every year based on the income of the previous year.

【How to pay the National Health Insurance premiums】

You can pay the premiums by one of the following methods.
  • Pay at a bank, post office or ward (or city) office, or a place designated by the city/ward office using the payment slip provided.
    • The payment slip will be sent to your house from the local city/ward office.
  • Arrange a transfer from your bank or postal savings account
    • Transfer arrangements need to be made in advance at the city/ward office or a bank.

(3)Notification of changes to National Health Insurance (change of address and family structure)

Please notify your local city/ward office within 14 days in the following cases.
  • Change of address
  • Change of family structure due to marriage etc.

(4) Procedure before returning to home country

If you return to your home country after completing studies in Japan, be sure to follow the procedure to terminate the National Health Insurance at your local ward/city office before leaving Japan.

(5) “My Number” System

For more information, please see"2.After deciding where to live"

(6) Notification from City/Ward Office

As a subscriber, you will receive mails regarding National Health Insurance from the ward/city office such as notification of the amount of premiums and information on how to pay the premiums. Be sure to open and read the mails regarding National Health Insurance when you receive them, as delay in paying the premiums may incur demand and delinquent charges.