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3.When you get sick or injured

(1)Health Center

If you feel at all unwell, examination and treatment (internal medicine only) are available at the Health Center, at locations on both campuses. When you visit the Center, please bring your Student ID Card and National Health Insurance Card.
The Health Center operates periodical health examinations on both campuses at the time of admission each year. Please be sure to take these examinations in order to keep healthy during your time as a Doshisha student.
The Center also offers consultation on health-related matters: please do not hesitate to seek advice at an early stage.

For further information, please visitHealth Center (in Japanese)

(2)Find a hospital or clinic

"Hospitals, Clinics and Dentists with Interpretation Services"
by Kyoto City International Foundation

You can find the information of hospitals and dental clinics with foreign language speaking Doctors and emergency medical treatment at night, and on weekends and holidays.

"Kyoto Health Care 'Yorozu Net' " by Kyoto Prefecture

The "Yorozu Net" is an web system that provides information on hospitals, clinics, dental clinics, and pharmacies in Kyoto Prefecture to all residents of Kyoto Prefecture.
You can search for medical institutions and pharmacies by name, location, medical specialty, etc.

If you have symptoms of new coronavirus...

If you have symptoms of new coronavirus (e.g., fever), first contact a familiar medical institution and follow their instructions.

(3)Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (Gakusei Kyouiku Kenkyu Saigai Shougai Hoken)

Doshisha University is enrolled in a personal accident insurance for regular students and for international students at the Center for Global Education and the Center for Japanese Language and Culture (Exchange Students, Students of the AKP Center). Students are able to claim indemnity in the cases including: injuries during an accident on campus, during extracurricular activities reported by a club registered with the university, while commuting to/from university, or while studying abroad (excluding accidents during private time). If you are injured during educational and research activities mentioned above, please visit the Department of Student Life to fill out the prescribed postcard within 30 days so that the Department can notify Tokyo Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Company. However, accidents during private time are not covered by this insurance.

Students of certain faculty/graduate school or status are also enrolled in the Liability Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (Gakkensai Futai Baisho Sekinin Hoken: Gakkenbai). Gakkenbai covers the liability against damages for which the students may be held legally liable to pay in Japan or abroad by injuring third parties or damaging any property belonging to third parties during their curricular activities, school events or on the way to and from them. Damages caused during commuting, nursing care experience activities and teaching practice are covered as well.

For more information, please see
JEES Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research(in English)
JEES Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research.(in Japanese)