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5.When you move out of accommodation

(1) Procedures to move out of accommodation

Below are the general procedures when moving out of accommodation at the end of the contract.

【General procedures to move out of accommodation】

In general, the tenant should inform the landlord and the real estate agent of the intention to move out at least two months in advance. This condition may differ depending on the contract, so check your contract in advance. If you live in a dormitory managed by Doshisha University, follow the instructions of the Office of International Students.
Electricity, gas, water
① If you are paying the utility charges together with the rent, contact the real estate agent to arrange the termination of contract and settlement of bills. Check if there are any procedures you should follow upon moving out.
If you have a direct contract with the electricity / gas suppliers and waterworks bureau, contact the respective company/bureau to ask how to terminate the contract.
Bank account for paying the rent
If you are paying the rent by bank account transfer, bring your bankbook and seal to the bank to terminate the transfer.
Cleaning the room and garbage disposal
Dispose of garbage according to the rules of your local municipality. Bedding, large size waste and home electrical appliances must be disposed of in a different way from that of general household garbage. You must also bear the recycling fee when you dispose of air conditioners, televisions, refrigerators and clothes washers etc.
Returning the room key
After taking out all your belongings and cleaning your room, call the landlord and the real estate agent to check the condition of the room together with you. You will be charged for repair of any damages pointed out at this point. If the part had already been damaged when you moved in, clearly tell so to the management company. Confirm the part for which you are required to pay the repairing cost and the amount of the said cost, and sign and affix your seal to the document.
Returning the room key
After checking the room, return the room key to the landlord.

(2) Submission of Notification of Moving Out

When you leave Japan for a long time or with no intention of re-entering Japan, submit the “Notification of moving out” to the municipality of your place of residence. Residence Card should be returned at the departure counter of the airport etc.