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3.Scholarship for Students from Developing Countries

Application for this Scholarship must be made at the same time as the application for the Entrance examination for International Undergraduate Students.

Eligible Applicants

Applicants must fulfill the following two conditions:
  1. Those who will obtain "Student" resident status by the "Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act" after being admitted to Doshisha University.
  2. Those who reside in one of the countries classified as "Least Developed Countries" or "Low Income Countries which are not LDCs" in the list of ODA Recipients published by OECD/DAC and hold the nationality of one of those countries.

Method of Selection

Recipients are determined in accordance with the standards specified by Doshisha University.

Duration of Scholarship

For two years after admission (The duration of scholarship may be renewed for up to the standard number of years required for graduation.)
In principle, the period of leave of absence is included in the duration of scholarship.
However this shall not apply to military leave.

Amount of Scholarship

(1)85,000 yen per month
(2)Full amount of university fees (including the Admission Fee, Tuition, Facilities Fee, Laboratory Fee, and other fee).

Number of Recipients

2 students per year (One from each semester’s entry)


Recipients whose overall GPA is 2.0 or above and have earned at least 50 % of credits required for graduation at the end of the second year are eligible to renew their scholarship up to the standard number of years required for graduation. For recipients whose overall GPA is less than 2.0 or who have not earned 50 % of credits required for graduation, the Doshisha University Merit Scholarship for Self-Funded International Students is applied by the faculty.


During the Period of Studying Abroad
The period of studying abroad as a Doshisha student is included in the duration of scholarship up to the standard number of years required for graduation.
Joint supply with Outside Scholarship
Recipients who are willing to apply for scholarship requiring university recommendation can submit “Doshisha University Privately Financed International Student Scholarships Applicant Registration Form”, however, will not be recommended to scholarships which include support to the admission fee, tuition, fee for Educational Support, Lab/Practical fees.
*For more information about "Doshisha University Self-Financed International Student Scholarship Applicant Registration Form ", please see 4.Scholarships offered by government/private organizations (university recommendation)
During the Period of Leave of Absence
The scholarship is not supplied to recipients who are on leave of absence. The Leave of Absence Fee must be paid by the recipients.
Suspension of Supply
The scholarship will be suspended if recipients who misbehave or neglect any duties as recipients. The period of suspension is included in the duration of scholarship.