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4.Scholarships offered by government/private organizations (university recommendation)

(1))Application for scholarships requiring university recommendation: for privately financed regular students only

Rather than submitting applications separately for each scholarship requiring university recommendation, students submit a single Registration Form and will then be considered for all such scholarships available in the subsequent one year period. The Committee for International Affairs will nominate candidates for recommendation based on the conditions attached to each scholarship (specification of faculty/graduate school, etc.) and on the academic performance (GPA) of each candidate.

After the candidates have been selected, the Office of International Students will notify the selected candidates of such nomination by phone. If the recommendation is agreeable, the candidate is required to submit the necessary documentation for application to the Office of International Students by due date. After checking the documentation, the Office of International Students will send them to the foundation or organization providing the scholarship. The Office of International Students will notify the candidates of the outcomes of their applications and provide further direction.

Doshisha University Self-Financed International Student Scholarship Applicant Registration Form

As information on the “Registration Form” is important to make a decision on the selection of students as nominee for scholarships, please specifically write the reason and learning plans for application.
And you must submit the form during our designated period.


  • Students who failed to register will be disqualified from consideration for scholarships requiring University recommendation for 2019.
  • Please report to the Office of International Students if there is any change to the information you put on the registration form.
  • The application for scholarship for 2020 will be available from around Fall 2019. We recommend students to submit the Registration Form even if you already have been awarded a scholarship in 2019.

(2)Scholarship application for Special Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Virtually all scholarships requiring university recommendation are for Regular Students only, so there is no need for Special Students to submit the above Registration Form. When the Office of International Students receives information on scholarships for which Special Students may apply, details will be announced via message boards and the university website.