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National Health Insurance System

For Privately Financed International Students
This is a health insurance program designed to meet some of the costs of medical treatment for illness and injury, allowing subscribers to seek medical care free from financial concerns. Subscribers must pay insurance premiums, but are then only required to pay 30% of actual expenses incurred at a medical care facility. All international students residing in Japan for three months or longer and getting a certificate of residence are required to enroll in the program. Please be sure to enroll in this insurance program.


Application for the insurance must be carried out at the Insurance and Pensions Division of your local ward or city office. Please bring your passport and Residence Card to the office. National Health Insurance Card will be issued later.

Insurance fee

Determined on an annual basis. You need to report your previous year’s income to your local ward or city office.

Payment of insurance fee

There are two ways of payment.

  1. Pay at a bank, post office or ward (or city) office using the payment slip provided.
  2. Arrange a transfer from your bank or postal savings account.
    *Transfer arrangements can be made at your local city / ward office, or at your bank.
  3. Due date of payment is the end of every month. Please be sure to make a payment by the due date.

National Health Insurance Card is valuable as well as passport and Residence Card, so please keep it in a safe place.

※Please notify your local city/ward office in the following cases:
  • Within 14 days of any change of address or change of family structure owing to marriage etc.
  • When you complete your studies and return to your home country, or immediately before you do so.
  • Lost insurance certificates should be reported to the police, and city office or ward office immediately to avert the risk of improper use.