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Seeing a Doctor / Health Examination

If you feel at all unwell, examination and treatment (internal medicine only) are available at the Health Center, at locations on both campuses. When you visit the Center, please bring your Student ID Card and National Health Insurance Card.
The Health Center operates periodical health examinations on both campuses at the time of admission each year. Please be sure to take these examinations in order to keep healthy during your time as a Doshisha student.
The Center also offers consultation on health-related matters: please do not hesitate to seek advice at an early stage.

Location of Health Center

Imadegawa Campus
2F West, Kambaikan

Kyotanabe Campus
Behind the staff car park, on the right as you enter the South gate of the campus.

Click here [PDF 3.2MB] for more information about the Health center.

For further information, please visitHealth Center (in Japanese)